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Nous Closes In On £350,000 Fundraising Goal [Update: Nous Exceeds Original Goal, Raises $750,000]


[Update] Nous has closed the round, exceeding expectations by raising $750,000 from angels and crowdfunding. This is $223,000 more than its original goal of $527,000.

Nous, a startup that builds products for global financial market enthusiasts, announced last week it has raised 88% of its £350,000 ($527,000) goal in its second external round of funding. The London-based company is currently raising funds on SyndicateRoom, a professional angel-crowdfunding site.

The campaign has two weeks remaining. Nous anticipates it will achieve and possibly exceed its goal amount to reach its overfunding limit.

Nous plans to use the funds to launch an ultra-low-risk trading app to serve a demographic overlooked by current financial products.

The founders of Nous bootstrapped the company with $500,000, and raised $605,000 in funding last year.

At FinovateEurope 2014, Nous launched SparkProfit, a financial data service and gamified market-prediction platform that combines human predictions and quantitative finance to better anticipate future market outcomes.


From left: CEO Justin Short, founder, and Mick Horgan, co-founder, presented the Nous product for global financial markets at FinovateFall 2014.