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MicroStrategy Powering Kasasa’s New Insight Solution

Community banking and marketing services company Kasasa has cut a deal with enterprise software firm MicroStrategy. Under the agreement Kasasa will integrate MicroStrategy 10 into its business intelligence platform, Insight.

Kasasa’s Insight is a data-backed analytics solution that offers community banking clients product and marketing performance awareness, and helps them better understand consumer portfolios and market conditions. MicroStrategy 10 brings to the table a suite of research and adjustable product marketing tools to drive customer engagement at different levels.

Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy said, “This integration allows financial institutions to have a single version of the truth that provides the insight needed to identify new opportunities and drive profitability.”

“Delivering the most practical and impactful insights to our clients is a top priority,” said Gabe Krajicek, CEO of Kasasa. “Our goal is to help community institutions build stronger relationships with their customers so they can win new business and better serve their existing customers. MicroStrategy provides Kasasa Insights with a critical competitive edge to help us accomplish our goals.”

Kasasa selected MicroStrategy for its new adaptive layout capabilities and its bootstrap framework. These elements will help Kasasa’s developers easily update the design across multiple devices. Speaking about a specific implementation of Insight, Krajicek said, “Our analytics platform now allows us to see the entire consumer base of the fifth-largest banking network in the country. We can extract actionable insights from large amounts of consumer data to increase the profitability of their customers.”

Kasasa was founded in 2003 when it launched its flagship REWARDChecking account to help community financial institutions compete against big banks. Since then, the company has expanded to 350 employees and now offers a full suite of branded bank products. Kasasa debuted at FinovateFall 2009 under BancVue, which was founded in 2003, and created a premium, national consumer brand for the BancVue product offering – Kasasa – which launched in 2009. Kasasa will present its newest technology at FinovateSpring next month. To check it out, register before April 27 and save.

Founded in 1989, MicroStrategy demoed a mobile identity network at FinovateSpring 2013. The company went public in 1998 and the latest release of its business intelligence platform, MicroStrategy 10, was released in 2016.