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Meniga Upgrades PFM to Align with How People Think About their Money

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Wrapping up the third session, Meniga demonstrated its enhanced PFM:

“Meniga is expanding its PFM Solution so that it completely merges with the traditional online/mobile bank, adding highly user-centric interfaces for several key online banking functions, such as bill-pay, alerts, and account presentation.

The interface de-emphasizes real accounts and actual balances and instead shows ‘uncommitted balance’ and virtual accounts that are better aligned with how people think about their money. It allows users to automate routine tasks and includes an alert framework designed to bring peace of mind by alerting users before bills go unpaid or before any account’s balance becomes too low to meet commitments and forecasted expenses.”

Product Launched: December 2009

HQ Location: Reykjavik, IcelandCompany
Founded: March 2009
Metrics: $1.3 million raised, 18 employees, 5 implementations with retail banks in Sweden, Norway, and Iceland

Presenting Georg Ludviksson (CEO & Co-Founder) & Einar Gustafsson (VP of Product Management)