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Meniga Launches in U.S.

Meniga Launches in U.S.

Oh say, can you see… new digital banking technology landing on U.S. shores? Meniga can.

The U.K.-based company with Icelandic roots is expanding operations into the U.S. with a New York City headquarters location. The U.S. team, led by North America Heads of Sales, Wim Van Lerberghe and Paul Renken, will work remotely until the offices open next year.

Meniga is making the expansion to meet new, pandemic-induced demand for digital banking solutions. “In the current economic climate, it is crucial that Americans are getting the support they need from their banks, and help with the management of their personal finances. But if the bank fails to respond with anything but an efficient and enjoyable user experience, those customers will go elsewhere,” said Meniga CEO and Cofounder Georg Ludviksson. “We know that the unrivalled expertise and local market insight brought by Wim and Paul will allow us to fully export our technology to the U.S., granting American banking partners access to cutting-edge digital products and apps that their customers will love to use every day.”

While many know Meniga as a PFM solutions provider, the company has broadened its approach. The company now has leveraged data to offer a more personalized customer experience via predictive analytics and personalized engagement technologies including spending reports, automated budgeting, personalized nudges, savings challenges, and personalized cashback rewards.

Unique to Meniga is the company’s transaction-based carbon insights tool. Launched earlier this year, the carbon insights tool allows end users to track the carbon emissions that result from their spending.

Meniga has brought this technology to 165+ banks across 30+ countries, reaching more than 90 million end-users across the globe. The company has offices in London, Reykjavik, Stockholm, Warsaw, and, as of last year, Barcelona and Singapore.

“Since expanding into the Southeast Asian market just last year, we’ve also been instrumental in getting some of the area’s most popular banking apps to market. By opening up to the U.S., we’re going to be leading the charge here too,” said Renken. “We see banks as the bastions of the customer, designed to protect and manage assets, particularly during such a financially unstable climate. However, in order to remain competitive, this means they also need to move, and digitalize, with the times. With Meniga’s technology and expertise, banks all across The States will be able to achieve this; creating a customer experience that is intuitive and seamless as well as secure and reliable.”

Among Meniga’s clients are UniCredit, Santander, and UOB. Founded in 2009, the company has raised $43.9 million.

Photo by Duane Swaby on Unsplash