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Luup’s Wallet System Facilitates the Internal Authorization Process

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Then, Luup demonstrated how it can ease the pains of internal travel authorization and budget management:

“Luup is redefining payments with its universal mobile payment platform and solutions. At FinovateEurope, Luup is launching a service that revolutionises corporate & government travel authorisation and budget management.

Enabled by Luup’s successful Remote Authorisation & Mobile Wallet products, the new service optimises processes, creating huge efficiency and productivity gains. Gone are the days when employees have to chase managers for budget and trip approvals while costs rise exponentially by the hour. With Luup’s latest service, travel budgets are managed in Luup’s wallet system that enables travel requests, authorisations and payments within minutes from anywhere, on any mobile device.”

Product Launched: March 2012

HQ Location: London, UK
Company Founded: 2002
Metrics: 50+ employees, 3 core locations, 3 award recognitions in 2011

Presenting Martin Wilson (CEO) & Georg Fasching (VP of Products)