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Leaf Launches Payments Apps Marketplace

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The developers of the Leaf mobile POS tablet realize that there is more than one way to attract merchants to your payments platform.

Leaf announced today that it is launching its Payments App Marketplace. The marketplace will make it easier for payment service providers to market directly to merchants, creating new branding opportunities and, potentially increased sales and retention. The two separate apps launched today by Leaf support credit cards and prepaid cards.

Leaf CEO and co-founder, Aron Schwarzkopf said:
“Our merchant customers often ask for our advice when choosing a payment provider … Now we can guide our customers to Payment Apps, where they are empowered to make an educated decision based on the needs of their small business.”
The new Payments Apps Marketplace provides payment processors with real-time, in-system product marketing. Messaging, upselling, and generated sales through online referrals are all ways that processors can take advantage of the Leaf POS system to reach new customers and do a better job of connecting with and serving existing customers. 
Moreover, the hope is that the the presence of a variety of payment processors aggressively competing for merchant business will help attract new merchants to the Leaf platform. Schwarzkopf said, “Many were losing portfolios to technology. We’re helping them be able to adopt technology without losing what they do day to day, which is processing.”
Leaf has raised $26 million in funding, including a $20 million venture round completed last September. Founded in 2011 and based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, Leaf demoed its LeafPresenter technology as part of the FinovateSpring show in 2013.
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