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iQuantifi Partners with MoneyDesktop to Use its Aggregation Engine


It’s quite common for Finovate alums to partner. It is more rare, however, for two previous Best of Show winners to work together.

That is what happened this week with iQuantifi and MoneyDesktop, two companies who will demo at the


upcoming FinovateFall show in New York. As a part of the partnership, iQuantifi will use MoneyDesktop’s aggregation technology to help iQuantifi users gain an even more comprehensive view of their finances.


iQuantifi, whose aim is to help users achieve their financial goals, is known for its platform that helps consumers create a holistic financial plan. Specifically, it will use MoneyDesktop’s technology to help:

    • Simplify on boarding, making it easier and faster for users to pull information from all their financial accounts
    • Enhance transaction categorization
    • Make goal tracking more accurate

iQuantifi launched its platform at FinovateSpring 2012, where it won Best of Show.

MoneyDesktop, a 4-time Best of Show winner, last demonstrated at FinovateFall 2013.