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Innovations at FinovateEurope 2014: Part 1

FinovateEurope2014wdatehighres.jpgLast week we revealed 54 of the 64 FinovateEurope 2014 demo companies that will show off their innovations on stage in London. Below, we’ve described each company in more detail. Get your ticket here to be a part of the crowd on February 11 and 12.

Here are the descriptions of the first half of the demoing companies (in alphabetical order):

  • AdviceGamesLogo.jpgAdviceGames is world’s leading digital advice company, launching the first scientifically developed omni-channel advice services platform globally.
  • capitalcubelogo.jpgAnalytixInsight’s CapitalCube algorithmically analyzes market and company data to produce research on 45,000 companies and 1500 ETFs.
  • AtsoraLogo.jpgAtsora is disrupting the e-banking experience for small and medium businesses.
  • ArxanLogoPrint01.jpgArxan provides ‘Gold standard’ Mobile Application Security. Deploy applications with tamper-resistance to innovate with confidence.
  • AvokaLogo.jpgAvoka: In the future, every transaction will be digital. Avoka Transact delivers the future today.
  • BackbaseLogo.jpgBackbase announces complete mobile enrollment application for financial services.
  • BehavioSecLogo.jpgBehavioSec allows you to add transparent biometrics for multi-layered security.
  • buttercoinlogo.jpgButtercoin is disrupting the $500 billion Remittance Industry with the power of Bitcoin.
  • CRIFLogo.jpgCRIF offers consulting, data, predictive analytics and technology solutions to achieve optimized and innovative decision-making throughout the credit value chain.
  • offers the world’s first live, transparent and competitive price feed aggregator for the SME and Corporate market.
  • DeviceIdentLogo.jpgDevice Ident offers expert anti-fraud solutions for European companies within the e-commerce and financial sectors.
  • encapLogoOrange.jpgEncap is a software security company that bridges the gap between banking grade security and user experience.
  • etronikaLogo2.jpgETRONIKA is developing innovative solutions for banking and e- business, using advanced and secure technologies.
  • ExcessReturnLogo.jpgEXCESS RETURN helps users find the very best trading ideas, enhance their performance and minimize their risk.
  • EZBOBLogo.jpgEZBOB is an innovative, online, fully automated lending provider for small and medium businesses in the U.K.
  • fastcashlogo.jpgfastacash is a social payments platform that enables users to transfer value across any social platform.
  • FeedzaiLogo.jpgFeedzai uses machine learning and big data to let banks stop fraud before it happens.FiservLogo2.jpg
  • Fiserv provides digital banking and payments solutions to financial institutions across the globe.fivedegreeslogo.jpg
  • Five Degrees invigorates banks withMatrix: a customer centric dialogue and case driven bank platform
  • IND Group is a leading innovator and developer of digital banking, PFM and payments technology.
  • ITSectorLogo2.jpgITSector is an award winning, multi-channel and sales banking solutions company. It offers integrated multi-channel and sales solutions for large financial institutions.
  • JumioLogo.jpgJumio is a next generation credentials management company offering payments and ID scanning & validation products for mobile and web transactions.
  • KenshoLogo.jpgKensho creates Technological innovations that intelligently analyze the world’s financial and event data to deliver superior risk management.
  • KofaxLogo.jpgKofax is a provider of smart mobile and process automation software and solutions for the businesscritical First Mile of customer interactions.LifePayLogo.jpg
  • LifePay is the mobile solution provides allthe essentials of the standard cash register
  • luminous_logo_2.jpgLuminous We solve problems, that’s what we help banks do.
Stay tuned next week to see the descriptions of the rest of the companies that will demo their innovations on stage at FinovateEurope.