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Innovation Agency Launches Innovation Café, a Platform to Engage Innovation Communities

This post is part of our live coverage of FinovateFall 2013.


Then, Innovation Agency demonstrated its platform that facilitates collaboration around ideas and innovation:
Innovation Café is an advanced crowdsourcing innovation platform for companies to engage their innovation communities. It is highly configurable and is able to provide for both private and public ecologies as well as emergent and structured innovation approaches. Innovation Café is a lightweight platform with advanced white labeling and custom theme capabilities and the ability to integrate with SharePoint, HR and other systems to provide detailed reporting. It is able to deal with a high volume of users and ideas and has a sophisticated social ranking and rating mechanism. 
Crowdsourcing and community collaboration pay attention to business objectives that are focused through idea challenges. Social Media Integration and Social Network Analysis releases are our primary focuses at FinovateFall. These innovations provide a comprehensive mechanism to track public sentiment and include it in the internal innovation community.”
Product Launch: September 2013 at FinovateFall
Product distribution strategy: Direct to Consumer (B2C), Direct to Business (B2B), & through other fintech companies and platforms
HQ: New York, NY
Founded: December 2008
Presenting Christoph Wertz (President) and Sean O’Reilly (CTO)

The full demo video will be available at in mid-September.