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Happy New Year: Stanford Federal Credit Union Offers Refi Auto Loans to Start the Year Right

image Besides losing weight and hitting the gym more often, financial matters dominate the New Year’s resolution list. Spend less. Save more. And in general, just be smarter about your money. During this brief window of rational thinking, financial institutions would be wise to promote these smart products and services.

But in a fairly exhaustive search today (31 Dec 2012), looking at the 40 largest U.S. banks and at least that many credit unions (note 1), we found only  one New Year-themed promotion (note 2), a 1.49% auto-refi offer from Stanford Federal Credit Union (see below).


Stanford FCU homepage (31 Dec 2012)


Landing page for New Year promo



1. The first 40 to 50 credit unions listed in the Google results when searching “credit union” from a Seattle IP address.
2. Several credit unions posted well wishes and holiday hours on their homepages. Also, Fifth Third has a “celebrate 2013” message on its homepage as we reported last week.
3. Picture from New Year email and infographic by Finovate alum, Kiboo