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GoodApril Provides 365 Days of Online Tax Advice, Guidance, and Planning

Thumbnail image for Thumbnail image for GoodAprilLogo.jpgThis post is part of our coverage of FinovateSpring 2013.

Next up to the stage is GoodApril, with a personal finance management approach to online tax planning.
“Today, GoodApril is unveiling its next-generation, automated tax monitoring solution for consumers.
GoodApril’s online Tax Checkup analyzes your 2012 tax return to identify tax savings opportunities for the year ahead. We also forecast how much more you will owe in taxes as a result of the 7 major tax rules changes included in the Fiscal Cliff tax bill and the Affordable Care Act.”
Product Launched: March 2013
HQ Location: San Francisco
Company Founded: January 2013
Metrics: 3 employees
Twitter: @goodapril
Presenting Benny Joseph (Founder) and Mitch Fox (Co-Founder)