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Geezeo Announces Partnership with Payveris

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PFM innovator Geezeo announced today that it will partner with Payveris to provide a new suite of financial tools geared toward helping people better manage their finances.

The leaders of both companies were understandably complimentary of what each brings to the equation. Here’s Geezeo CEO Shawn Ward:

“The ability to pay bills or make payments from their online or mobile devices is a natural complement to Geezeo’s market-leading PFM, and unique web-based, data-driven marketing platform.”
And Fran Duggan, President of Payveris, was no less complimentary, saying:
“Geezeo is a thought leading company that understands the importance of giving their users a holistic view of financial assets, liabilities, cash flow, goals and budgets.”
Makes you wonder what took so long for these two to get together!
Seriously, the idea of PFM solution developers allying with mobile payments specialists is a welcome one for those looking for further innovation in both spaces. As consumers begin to adopt new technologies, they seem to be as eager to see “what’s next” as they are in ensuring that the solution they do have is as capable of solving their problems as possible. And there may be no clearer example of this in fintech than the union of PFM and billpay.
Geezeo was last in the headlines this spring, announcing its HTML5-inspired redesign of its mobile app. The Boston-based company was born in 2006 and demoed its Enterprise Marketing Platform at FinovateFall 2010. See a demo of the company’s technology here.