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Friday Feature Request: Banking/Card Transaction Annotation via Email


On Fridays, I try to post a new digital banking feature I’ve recently discovered. But with nothing to report this week, I will instead take the easy route and make a request for a new feature:

Feature: Transaction annotation by email

BBVA’s Simple has been a leader in adding richness to transaction detail. We reported here on its web-based solution for annotating transaction in late 2012 (see screenshot at top of post). Basically, that capability needs to be ported to email for, forgive me, simpler access.

The specs:

  1. After each transaction that hits my account (preferably ALL my aggregated accounts), I get an email confirmation of each transaction with whatever data the bank/PFM can already provide on it (amount, date, merchant, category). Using a free-form field, I add whatever text I want to the description, attach a photo or file (if I so choose), and categorize it (if I’m that kind of a user).
  2. Depending on how the feature is implemented, I press enter or hit reply and my annotations are recorded into my permanent transaction archives at the bank/PFM. Note: You must have a long-term archive solution in place for this feature to have value.
  3. The transaction details must be in the email message itself so that I can use my email client to forward the message to others, flag for later attention, or file.
  4. The same thing could be done via text (with a link) or notifications, but email is the key for me.

Bottom line: For me, this would be one of the best things a bank, card issuer or PFM could do to cement my loyalty—and perhaps even cough up a modest subscription fee. I want my transaction history to be both a personal diary, e.g., traveling or dining out; a tax record, for business or charitable transactions; and a searchable resource for future questions, e.g., What did I pay last month for cable?


Note: Hit me on Twitter (@netbanker) if you know someone already offering this.