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Four Digital Bonuses at FinovateFall

Four Digital Bonuses at FinovateFall

Everyone knows that just because something is digital doesn’t mean it can’t be interactive. Many times, in fact, the opposite is true, and that’s the case with this year’s FinovateFall Digital event.

Not only will the demos and discussion content be on-point, we’ll have lots of focused networking opportunities throughout the five-day event to enable you to make valuable connections Finovate is known for.

But the interactivity at FinovateFall extends far beyond networking. Here are five elements we’ve added to the digital show to make it even more “extra.”

Scavenger hunt

Attendees will earn points by watching content, connecting with attendees, exploring the Central Park map, and finding buried easter eggs. Be sure to attend the right sessions and accomplish all the activities needed to complete the hunt.


We’ve teamed up with No Kid Hungry as our charity partner for FinovateFall. Because of coronavirus, one in four children face hunger this year in the United States alone. Additionally, with physical school closures, the approximately 30 million children on free or reduced-fee school lunches will struggle to find a warm meal every day.

If 200 attendees donate just $25, we’ll meet our $5,000 goal for FinovateFall and No Kid Hungry.


Public health officials say that exercise — while undoubtedly crucial under normal circumstances — is essential to your physical health and mental well-being during the COVID-19 pandemic. So as part of the event next week, we want you to take the time to focus on your health and fitness.

We’ve built in hour-long lunches and ended content by 4pm each day to make sure you still have time for your healthy habits. Track your total health and fitness minutes per day for the chance to win a raffle prize. Plus, exercising will also earn you points for the scavenger hunt.

On Demand content

While immersive, thought provoking and insightful, let’s not forget about the lighter side of events, too. The on demand exclusive content we’ve put together for the event explores the fun side of demoers, speakers, and attendees. Hear everything from their thoughts on industry trends to their favorite Halloween costume. The quick videos are not only informative, but also entertaining.