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Founders Series: Five Conversations on Hiring

Founders Series: Five Conversations on Hiring

Headlines announcing layoffs in fintech and banking have been pulsing throughout the news cycle since the start of last year. And according to one fintech expert, we may see more throughout 2024.

And while there is no doubt that layoffs and job losses are personally devastating to those involved, there may be a silver lining. Freeing up talent– especially experienced and/or technical talent– allows other organizations in the sector the opportunity to capture new, experienced professionals while offering individuals the chance to level up their career.

In a series called Fintech Founders, our sister publication Fintech Futures recently produced five videos on hiring. The videos capture founders’ thoughts on their internal hiring process, how they intentionally build their company culture, their hiring strategy, how they create a versatile team, and upcoming industry trends.

Tune in to the conversations below from:

Hiring process

Building a company culture

Hiring strategy

Building a versatile team

Upcoming trends

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