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FNBO Direct Brings in $1.5 Billion in Deposits

First National Bank of Omaha has attracted $1.5 billion in deposits through its Internet subsidiary, FNBO Direct, launched in February (previous coverage here). 

The numbers were chronicled in a NY Times article earlier this month (here) about the so-called rate chasers, depositors that move money around online seeking the absolute highest rate, even if it means moving the money many times each year.

Total deposits: $1.5 billion

Total accounts: 36,000

Average per account: $42,000

Number of mega-depositors (with $400,000+): several thousand

Deposits of the mega-depositors: approx $1 billion

Deposit of everyone else: $500 million in 33,000 to 34,000 accounts

Average per "normal" account: $14,000 to $15,000 

Now that the 6% APY has dropped to 5.05% (effective Sep. 28), it will be interesting to see how many deposits the bank retains.