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Five Degrees Teams Up with ieDigital to Launch Digital Banking Portfolio

Five Degrees Teams Up with ieDigital to Launch Digital Banking Portfolio

A new partnership between U.K.-based ieDigital and Dutch fintech Five Degrees will pave the way for the launch of a new premier digital banking portfolio. The new solution marries ieDigital’s Interact digital engagement platform with Five Degrees’ digital core banking platform, Matrix, to help FIs develop end-to-end banking products that will help them spot and capitalize on revenue-generating opportunities.

“Our joint partnership strengthens the ability to help financial institutions transform progressively in order to meet future market needs, while ensuring a superior customer experience,” ieDigital CEO Jerry Young said. He called the collaboration with Five Degrees both “strategic and timely” and pointed to potential opportunities to help banks in Europe and around the world successfully execute their digital transformations.

Young joined the company as CEO at the beginning of the year. He brings more than 20 years of experience to ieDigital, including a tenure as VP of EMEA at Fiserv, and time spent as head of retail banking and insurance at Oracle.

Five Degrees CEO Martijn Hohmann said that the joint venture “provides financial institutions with the tools to offer a better experience for consumers when managing their finances on a daily basis.” He added that the partnership would add “world-class consumer oriented solutions” to its platform and help the company fulfill its goal of making it easier and more convenient for consumers to choose and interact with financial products.

In their press release, ieDigital and Five Degrees cited a Forrester study that indicated that too many financial services firms are focusing on making changes to their digital front end without paying similar attention to the core system. Referring to this as the “Potemkin Effect,” the companies noted that by offering a solution that combines the core with the engagement platform resolves this problem by providing a “seamless, digital, end-to-end experience that customers require.”

Founded in 1984, ieDigital demonstrated its Money Fitness solution at FinovateFall 2018. Money Fitness is a personalized, forward-looking PFM tool that helps consumers make better financial decisions while helping credit unions build their brands and strengthen their presence in their local communities. Formerly known as Intelligent Environments, ieDigital has partnered with four of the five largest banks in the U.K. and has deployed its Interact customer engagement platform in more than 28 countries.

With more than $11.4 million (€10 million) in funding, Five Degrees made its most recent Finovate appearance earlier this year at FinovateEurope. At the conference, the company demonstrated an implementation of its Matrix core banking technology with the wealth management platform, Prospery, developed by ABN AMRO.

Since then, Five Degrees purchased core banking IT systems provider, Libra, and teamed up with international business payments specialist, BillPro, to launch a new European cross-border banking service. The company was founded in 2009, and is headquartered in Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, the Netherlands.