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Fintech’s Innovation Opportunity: From AI to UX

Fintech’s Innovation Opportunity: From AI to UX

After two days of live fintech demonstrations, FinovateSpring turns to the experts. Our Content Day on Friday, May 10, will give attendees the opportunity to hear industry professionals share their insights into how the technologies of today are building the fintech of tomorrow.

To whet your appetite, here’s a quick survey of the presentations we’ll feature on the main stage on the final day of the show. Be sure to check out the afternoon sessions in our Digital Banking, Digital Payments, Community Banking, and Digital Lending content streams, as well.

For tickets, visit our FinovateSpring registration page.

  • The Rise of the Machines – The Artificial Intelligence Revolution and the Road to Superintelligence. What Will AI Mean for the Future of Financial Services – And the Future of Work? – read more
  • Which Artificial Intelligence Technologies Will Really Change Financial Services? – read more
  • Turning the Tide on Credit Visibility through Data and Innovation – read more
  • How Can Financial Institutions Capture the Fintech Opportunity and Collaborate with New Players to Transform Customer Experience –read more
  • Simplifying and Securing Digital Commerce through Tokenization – read more
  • How Are Regulators Approaching Cryptocurrencies – read more
  • The Evolving Role of Cybersecurity – Are Banking Treating Technology Risk as Extensions of their Businesses? – read more
  • Investors Debate: Where is the Smart VC Money Investing in Fintech? – read more
  • Finovate Finale! The Accelerators Showcase – read more

Here’s a look at our four content streams – Digital Banking, Digital Payments, Community Banking, and Digital Lending – which will run concurrently from 1:25pm through 2:40pm on Friday afternoon.

Digital Banking

  • Next Generation Banking – What Is the Next Phase of the Digital Banking Revolution – read more
  • Open Banking is Coming! How Will it Change Banking Forever? – read more
  • How New Players, New Platforms, and New Technologies Will Transform Digital Banking. Is There a Role for the Branch in the Digital World? – read more

Digital Payments

  • What Are the Digital Giants Going to do to Payments? Who Will Disrupt the Disruptors? – read more
  • Payments Innovation – Why Experience is the New Reward – read more
  • How New Technologies and New Competitors Will Solve Payments Pain Points Both Online and at Point of Sale – read more

Community Banking

  • How Can Community Banks Collaborate to Find a Path to Change to Compete in a Digital World? – read more
  • Community Bank + Core Vendor + Fintech – What It Takes to Make the Partnership Work – read more
  • How Community Banks Can Take a Strategic Approach to Fintech. What Bumps in the Road Did We Encounter? – read more

Digital Lending

  • How Digital Players Can Transform Small & Medium Sized Enterprise Lending – read more
  • Alt Credit Scores – Enhancing Underwriting Using Big Data & AI – read more
  • How New Players are Harnessing New Technologies to Disrupt the Retail, Small Business, & Commercial Digital Lending Landscape – read more