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FinovateSpring Sneak Peek: TransCard Payments


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TransCard Payments’ Paynuver simplifies payment disbursements, yet provides options to the recipient. By enabling a payment through a virtual account, Paynuver supports both new and traditional payment methods.


  • Enhanced payment process with the addition of workflow, attachments, & digital signatures.
  • Self-service portal gives payee access to various payment methods.
  • Technology ensures payment compliance.

Why it’s great
By simplifying the payment process for the payer, whether it be an FI or corporation, Paynuver helps increase efficiency & lower payment costs by putting the work into the hands of the funds recipient.TCardPresenter1


  • Greg Bloh, president
    Backed by 27 years of management, consulting and investment experience across a number of key sectors, Greg is passionate about developing technology to reduce headaches for businesses and individuals.
  • Chris Fuller, chief revenue officer
    Chris serves as TransCard’s chief revenue officer overseeing customer service, sales and marketing; he has been intimately involved in the company’s upward trajectory and overall strategic growth.