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FinovateSpring 2014 in the Press


Last Wednesday we wrapped up FinovateSpring 2014. Since then, press reps have been hard at work covering the news and product launches that buzzed throughout the two day conference. 
Below is a compilation of the news so far. We’ll add further coverage as it’s released throughout the week:

American Banker
Data Breaches Spur Security Focus at Financial Startups
by Kevin Wack
Mobile Payment Startups Stress Practicality Over Wow Factor
by Kevin Wack
Nice Systems Debuts Real-Time Voice Authentication for Bank Call Centers 
by Amilda Dymi

Bank Credit News
Financial technology providers named “Best of Show” at FinovateSpring
by Alexandra Villarreal 
Bank Innovation
Best of Show: financial technology winners from Finovate Spring 2014
by Steven Ramirez
Innovations in banking and tech: Finovate Spring 2014, Day 2
by Steven Ramirez

Bank Technology News

Five Companies to Watch from Finovate
by Kevin Wack

Barbara Friedberg Personal Finance
Finovate-Finance and Technology Intersect & Should You Care?
by Barbara Friedberg

Finovate Spring 2014 Recap
by Jacob Jegher

Community Rising (BancVue Blog)
Finovate:  Winning Beyond The Stage
by John Waupsh
CU Times
5 Things You Missed at Finovate
by Robert McGarvey
Better Mobile Banking for the Underbanked: Onsite Coverage
by Robert McGarvey
Dueling Biometrics: Onsite Coverage
by Robert McGarvey
Focus on the Auto Loan: Onsite Coverage
by Robert McGarvey
More Protection Against Elder Fraud: Onsite Coverage
by Robert McGarvey
29-30 April 2014: FinovateSpring 2014. San Jose, USA
by David Koch
Dealstruck Announces Two New Products
by Furhaad Shah A New Way To Interact With Your Finances
by Furhaad Shah
Dollars & Sense (Dealstruck blog)
Finovate Spring 2014 Recap
by Ethan
Finsider’s Finovate Roundup
by Dan Simon
Tech Entrepreneurs Are Here To Run Your Bank
by Dan Simon
How Big Data Can Help Squash $35 Billion in Online Fraud
Christina Desmarais 
Javelin Strategy & Research blog
Three Trends You Should Know – From Finovate Spring 2014
by Mary Monahan

Keeping Nickels
Finovate Best In Show
by Nichelle Stephens
Ian McKenna in San Jose: Online services can complement traditional advice
by Ian McKenna
Ian McKenna in San Jose (Pt 2): The rise of personal financial management
by Ian McKenna
Battling Post-Lunch Lethargy
by Eric Dunstan
Do You See Disruption Or Opportunity?
by Bradley Leimer 
Finovate and the Context Of Fintech
by Bradley Leimer 
Financial Innovation is in the Air! It’s Time for FinovateSpring in San Jose
by Eric Dunstan
How a Remote Control for Credit Cards Creates Value for Consumers and Banks
by Eric Dunstan
PFM, Mobile Wallet, and Mobile Payments
by Eric Dunstan
San Jose’s Still Rocking
by Eric Dunstan
Starting off Strong on Day 2
by Bradley Leimer 
Tales from the Finovate Pit: Session 2, Day 2
by Bradley Leimer 
The Home Stretch
by Eric Dunstan 
Thoughts on PrivatBank’s Presentation
by Eric Dunstan 
What a Day!
by Eric Dunstan 
My Vin
Finnovate-2014 відкриється світовою прем’єрою topless-банкомата ПриватБанку
Remote Control for Your Credit Card Prevents Fraud, Overspending, and More
by Kathererine Muniz
Is Silicon Valley the Future of Finance?
by Kevin Roose
How the RIA business made a dent at the 2014 Finovate conference in San Jose
by Zohar Swaine  
Investment News techconnect
A new planning tool for advisers challenges clients to win a game
by Joyce Hanson
LendUp opens up its API to spread safer payday lending across the country (exclusive)
by Kia Kokalitcheva
Finovate Day 1, Session 1 (recap & rankings)
Finovate Day 1, Session 2 (recap & rankings)
Finovate Day 1 Session 3 (recap & rankings)
Finovate Day 1 Session 4 (recap & rankings)
Finovate Day 2 Session 1 (recap & rankings)
Finovate Day 2 Session 2 (recap & rankings)
Finovate Day 2 Session 3 (recap & rankings)
Finovate Day 2, Last Session (recap & rankings)
Finovate: Social from the Start
William Mills blog
Finovate Spring 2014 Live Blog- Day 1
by Steven Ramirez
by William Mills III
Finovate Spring 2014 Live Blog- Day 2
by Steven Ramirez
by William Mills III
Video & Podcast Coverage of Finovate Spring 2014

Thanks to the dedication of the bloggers, journalists, and media reps for attending and covering the full variety of fintech over the course of the two days. 

The full demo videos will be available on within the next two weeks.We’ll see you all next year!