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FinovateFall 2014 Sneak Peek: Part 2


If you missed the first installment of our FinovateFall 2014 Sneak Peek series, click here for Part 1.

A few days ago we introduced you to BizEquity, Gremln, Hoyos Labs, Knox Payments, NopSec, and Rippleshot. Today we present another six companies that will be demoing on stage in New York in September.
FinovateFall 2014 is live in New York City on September 23 and 24. And with last year’s show a sell-out, we’re expecting even bigger things in 2014. So save your spot at this year’s show; click here to register today.

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Backbase is a software company helping banks in the digital era.
    • Beautiful digital banking experience for end customers
    • Full control over the digital strategy by the bank
    • Backbase Marketplace to unite vendors and banks looking for fintech innovation
Why it’s great: 
Backbase Engage helps banks regain control over their digital strategy.


Peter Chapman, Principal FinTech Strategist

Before joining Backbase, Chapman worked as VP emerging technologies at First Trade Union Bank. Frustrated by the lack of control of the banks to own their digital future, he joined Backbase to fix this.

Jelmer de Jong, Global Head of Marketing

De Jong focused his career on helping companies get the most out of new technologies. He has a strong focus on startups, B2B, product management and marketing.


BioCatch provides innovative online fraud-prevention solutions that dramatically reduce friction and fraud, giving customers confidence to expand their business.


The Cognitive Biometrics technology enables BioCatch to detect intruders, bots, and fraudsters.
Why it’s great:

BioCatch: Less friction. Less fraud.


Uri Rivner, Co-Founder and VP Business Development & Cyber Strategy

Rivner is recognized globally as an industry expert on Cybercrime and advanced threats. He is a regular speaker in the leading Security and Cyber conferences, and writes a cyber-security blog.


blooom has developed a revolutionary way to open the eyes of 401(k) investors, by outsourcing the management of their 401(k) accounts, regardless of where custodied.


  • We don’t use complicated charts or line graphs with a gazillion indecipherable colors
  • We make it easy to operate (no Ph.D in Finance required)
  • We rebalance the account, rather than just make recommendations
Why it’s great:

Blooom allows investors to ditch their current strategy of ignoring-it, meaning-to-get-around-to-it, and hoping-for-the-best!


Chris Costello, Co-Founder and Certified Financial Planner

Costello has 20 years experience and builds the model used to generate 401(k) recommendations, allowing blooom users to tap into advice traditionally only available to investors with a gazillion dollars.

Randy AufDerHeide, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer

AufDerHeide handles all the fancy, schmancy IT stuff. If it involves computers, code, Internet stuff, he’s the guy. He also makes everythin
g work smoothly, helping deliver a great experience to bloom users.


iBillionaire taps into the investment strategies of Wall Street billionaires and provides unique and exclusive data on investment activity and trends.


  • Provides insights into billionaire investment portfolios and stock picks
  • Sends real-time alerts on buys, sells, and prices
  • Allows users to track their own portfolios and the iBillionaire Index
Why it’s great:

With iBillionaire, anyone can invest like a billionaire.


Raul Moreno, Co-Founder and CEO

Moreno is a serial entrepreneur with a background in finance and tech. His previous ventures include social app discovery platform, Kinetik, and he previously worked as an analyst at GFG Capital.


Patch of Land is a peer real estate (P2RE) lending marketplace presenting its real-time, due-diligence engine.


  • Proprietary risk and credit-modeling system increases accuracy of risk profiling
  • Full-stack integration with existing platform and processes
  • Significant scale and velocity of underwriting
Why it’s great:

We are creating an efficient, scalable system for underwriting and complex real estate lending transactions and pricing risk appropriately.


Brian Fritton, CTO

Fritton is a seasoned eCommerce expert who oversees the development of Patch of Land’s in-house platform and leads the research and implementation of our technology initiatives.


Settle is a mobile-payment platform built to create greater customer loyalty by hastening the checkout process while improving the overall customer experience.


  • Bridge mobile payments and loyalty
  • Target marketing to consumers based on their paying behavior
  • Transfer P2P cash easily
Why it’s great:

Settle brings easy mobile payments to customers and allows merchants to make the most of customer data.


Stas Matviyenko, CEO

Matviyenko studied in Austria, worked for the Ukranian government (banking research). Founder at Advice Wallet (the biggest mobile loyalty program in CIS countries), believes in mobile payments, geek.

Anna Polishchuk, COO

Polishchuk has a Masters degree in international business and is passionate about design and technology. She worked as Market Research Analyst at an international company and co-founded Advice Wallet.

Our Sneak Peek series continues on Tuesday with another six companies that will demo their fintech innovations at FinovateFall 2014 next month.