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FinovateFall 2011 Live Twitter Transcript

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Here’s a transcript from Finovate’s live twitter stream during FinovateFall last Tuesday and Wednesday. 


The entries appear in chronological order:
Day 1, Session 1

  • Here we go, Finovate number 10 starts in 10 minutes. Lots of cool tech coming! Follow the #finovate hashtag for next 2 days.
  • Weemba is launching a “reverse lending” system that puts borrowers in control. Only lenders they authorize can contact them. Link
  • Demyst.Data is launching a lender predictive analytics system to grow portfolios through better segmentation. Link
  • Google is showing its new Advisor  that is designed to improve the search experience for mortgages, credit cards, etc. Link
  • Google is showing how you can easily compare terms and conditions. It is inviting banks to talk to them to participate. 
  • Betterment is launching goal-based investing to its simple investing platform. Link
  • Betterment is showing how to create multiple goals with different asset allocations. This is a great, understandable investment UI.
  • Segmint is launching SegmintSocial, a platform for financial institutions to interact with customers on Facebook. Link
  • Segmint is demoing a bank dashboard and live chat-like user interface to engage customers in Facebook. 
  • Kabbage is debuting its SocialKlimbing system that uses social activity as part of the credit evaluation process. Link
  • Kabbage is demoing the social and sales analytics around an eBay merchant’s store in order to assess the merchant’s risk and increase credit.
  • RobotDough is launching an “antivirus for your portfolio” that monitors a brokerage account for accounting red flags. Link 
  • RobotDough has massive coverage: it is worldwide on 130 stock exchanges, has 45,000 companies worldwide, and has options coverage coming soon.
  • RebirthFinancial is showing a new way for lenders to analyze small businesses. JAS (pronounced jazz) is a neural network rating system. Link
  • Rebirth Financial is looking to popularize a small business predictive model– there is a big need for that.
  • CreditSesame is launching its “badges of financial responsibility” to “certify credit worthiness” to the world. Link
Day 1, Session 2

  • TandemMoney is launching a system for users to “borrow” from themselves, then repay. This helps to minimize interest. Link
  • TandemMoney is demoing the “loan” process that uses a “plain talk promise” to disclose exactly what’s going on. 
  • Equifax is demoing a freemium service that shows “Places” on its mobile app and has real-time access to your credit file. Link
  • Equifax is showing how you can use its mobile app to determine “neighborhood safety” based on credit scores. It also has a “credit report” lock toggle.
  • Transecq is showing its ENTERSECT out-of-band transaction authentication system using a mobile phone. Link
  • Transecq is using push-based notifications rather than an SMS message for the 2nd-factor authentication. 
  • Balance Financial is demoing a bill upload process using an iPhone camera. It also launches a FaceTime chat with the personal bookkeeper. Link
  • Balance Financial’s app has receipt uploads that are managed with help of a personal bookkeeper at $40 per month.
  • Micronotes is showing its new KulaX cross-sell engine 1st Advantage Credit Union on stage demoing it Link
  • 1st Advantage FCU says it gets three times the number of leads using Micronotes compared to the traditional method of direct marketing.
  • PersonalCapital is launching its company today  at Finovate, calling itself an “investment management for the Internet age.”  Link
  • Personal Capital is demoing an investment management UI which really pops, showing an “investment checkup” with fee projections. 
  • Personal Capital demonstrates its free service using an iPad app with FaceTime connection to your financial advisor. It ends its demo with an iPad giveaway. 
  • Kony is showing its new mobile commercial banking application that streamlines approvals and transactions. Link
  • MyCyberTwin is debuting an “emotionally responsive AI virtual agent” that is able to use emotion, smile, frown, etc. Link
  • MyCyberTwin is demoing a fully automated avatar deployed on Australia’s NAB. It captures customer mood and responds to what they really want. 

Day 1, Session 3
  • CashStar is launching its Digital Gifting platform where the iPhone app turns card points into mobile gift cards. Link
  • Authentify is launching 2CHK for a secure, 2-way window into user accounts for review, approval, or cancelation of transactions. Link
  • Backbase debuts its Retail Bank of the Future, and suggests products that “other peo
    ple like you use” (Similar to’s recommendations). Link
  • Andera is showing its new FortiFI system that scans new account applications submitted to over 500 financial institutions. The system discovers fraud patterns. Link
  • Andera is demoing a fraud app made on BankSimple app. Side note: this is the first Finovate company with masked man driving the laptop! 
  • eToro is launching “Copy.Me,” a store where you can find the top traders to follow and copy their trades. Link
  • The best jokes delivered at Finovate so far: eToro’s Yoni Assia (high school copying) and Kabbage’s Marc Gorlin (naked tweeting).
  • Yodlee is showing its new “Dynamic Consumer Experience” with a large “deals” section in the upper-right. Link
  • Yodlee is showing a goal-oriented profiling tool, Smart Credit, in its FinApp Store. Real-time PayPal payments can be used to pay bills.
  • BillGuard is demoing its new “Antivirus for Bills,” a crowd-sourced database with information on bad charges to inform all users of the fraud. Link
  • BillGuard is demoing a Yodlee-powered daily scan on credit card transactions across all your cards. It flags potential issues and likely fraud.
  • BillGuard today is launching “BillGuard browser extension,” so far it has found fraudulent charges on 20% of cards– this adds up to $350,000 in savings. 
  • BillGuard is launching a collaborative industry working group to track fraudulent charges. 
Day 1, Session 4

  • modoPAYMENTS is showing its full-service mobile payments service using a live helmet cam at a local bar. Link
  • So glad that modoPAYMENTS the helmet cam demo worked! 
  • cbanc Network is showing a “social network-like” system for bankers to work with each other to tackle issues. Link
  • cBanc uses a virtual currency to incent bankers to upload answers and solutions to the network so that others can “buy” the solutions. 
  • cBank has 2,900 participating financial institutions and 3,000 solutions and answers in the system, including exam sharing. It even has a method to NOT share the information with competitors.
  • cBank Network is launching vendor opportunities today such as advertising, review responses, surveys, etc. 
  • SigFig is a “second set of eyes for your portfolio.” It can set up a meeting with your adviser within the system.
  • SigFig is showing its system for avoiding trading fees, showing a real example where the user could save $150k per year. Link
  • Mootwin is showing its new mobile investment management and trading system with real-time updates. Link
  • Experian is demoing its new myID privacy and identity monitoring system. Link
  • Experian myID will help you opt out from tracking services. This helps get your name and mobile phone number removed from data aggregation services. 
  • Experian myID can be white-labeled for financial institutions. 
  • Plastyc is showing its new savings account attached to Upside prepaid account. It includes goals and achievements. Link
  • Plastyc is showing its systematic savings tools and cash-back rewards to incent savings (currently 6% rate). 
  • Dynamics is launching Chip & Choice, enabling advanced EMV applications without the need to update point of sale terminals. Link
  • Dynamics drops its card into a glass of water to show that it can go through the washer, nice.

Day 2, Session 1
  • FinovateFall 2011 day 2 starts off with T8 Webware.
  • T8 Webware is launching Grip, a mobile banking app with aggregation to monitor all accounts. It also includes receipt upload. Link
  • T8 Webware built its own aggregation engine. The app carries a fee of $0.99 for each month used.
  • Swipely is launching a “loyalty for main street,” platform that is linked to customer credit and debit cards. Link
  • CREALOGIX is launching CLX.SentinelDisplay, a USB device with keypad, display, and a hardened browser for out-of-band authorizations. Link
  • CREALOGIX also includes complete data confidentiality: when the USB device is disconnected, nothing about the session remains on the PC. 
  • ACI Worldwide and MShift are unveiling their Mobile Enterprise Banker,” a business banking app for tablets. Link
  • ACI and MShift are demoing on the iPad, showing how an urgent push notification from a bank overrides an “Angry Birds” session– nice visual. 
  • FuzeNetwork is launching Swipe2Pay to make a cash payment or deposit to a bank by swiping a card at a retailer’s point of sale. Link
  • Fuze Network is demoing actual point of sale transactions where “any card” works. The system is live at ACE now. 
  • FreeMonee is showing its new card-linked offers system to provide simple cash back rewards. Link
  • MitekSystems is debuting “Mobile Balance Transfer” for banks to acquire new credit card customers. Link
  • Mitek is demoing “” Users take a photo of a credit card statement, the tool extracts the APR/balance, then uploads the information to the issuer for an offer.
  • Mitek is showing what happens in the back office when an image is received and how it is evaluated.
  • Truaxis (formerly BillShrink) is demoing its new platform that delivers personalized discounts via web, mobile, and email. Link
  • Truaxis says that the majority of its users want  “Netflix-like” recommendations for purchases. There is great potential for banks to showcase this information. 
  • LearnVest is creating the 1st online ‘financial fitness center’. Its goal is to make financial planning more accessible to women. Link
  • LearnVest has put 250,000 users through its “financial boot camp” in past 3 months. It is showing a PFM with a “Gmail look and feel.” 
  • LearnVest is demoing a “financial advice center” with costs $130/yr or $4.99 for 1-day. 

2, Session 2

  • Cartera Commerce unveils its Local Offers solution, part of its card-linked offers service. Link
  • Cartera Commerce is demoing its merchant self-service interface. 
  • FamZoo is showing its system for teaching kids good money habits via co-branded FamZoo Virtual Family Bank. Link
  • FamZoo is demoing how kids and parents interact through its online interface, manage spending, incent savings/giving, and create rewards.
  • FamZoo is launching a “partnership edition” today, a private branded version for banks, credit unions, and advisors.
  • oFlows is launching a broad-based paperwork solution; allowing for the digitization of all types of paper-based transactions. Link
  • oFlows is demoing the upload of a voided check to handle account verification on-the-go.
  • InComm and CorFire are showing a new mobile platform for retailers to personalize the consumer payment experience. Link
  • InComm and CorFire are demoing an offer delivered in-store on a mobile device. It then uses a mobile barcode to pay at the point of sale. 
  • planwise is debuting its company at Finovate today. It is designed to help consumers understand their financial plans. Link
  • planwise offers “Secure Share” to provide the ability to share parts of your financial plans with others– this is a much-needed online finance feature. 
  • Jingit is launching a transactional ad platform where consumers can earn cash for engaging with brands. Link
  • Jingit is demoing how it works with an online music store: “instant earn/instant spend.” It is working with US Bank for cash-back rewards. 
  • LighterCapital showing its new Revenue Loan that offers “debt-like risk with equity-like returns.” Link
  • Ligher Capital is showing its two-question loan application–that should raise eyes. It is also discussing real “Tomato Battle” funding. 
  • Lighter Capital is launching “social security” with partners. It combines “light-weight lending platform” with social media-based decisioning. 
  • MasterCard is showing its new Small Business Controller, part of the inControl suite to create unique payment products. Link
  • MasterCard is demoing virtual card creation by small businesses with real-time alerts to employees.
  • BankSimple is showing its user interface publicly for the first time today, focusing on speed and simplicity. Link
  • BankSimple features a “Safe-to-spend” balance that is “red flagged” in the upper left corner of the main page. It is also demoing a “Goggle-fast” natural-language search.
  • BankSimple is “helping users learn from their transactions”. It is demoing fast bill-pay with real-time processing.
  • BankSimple is demoing a goal setup. Users can pause, lock, resume, or manually add to it. It is also showing a mobile interface that was “designed before online UI.” 
Day 2, Session 3

  • PayNearMe is launching its new automobile-loan payment service using cash at local stores such a 7-Eleven. Link
  • PayNearMe is demoing with a Monopoly board and a toy cash register–a Finovate first.
  • PayNearMe demos making payments for rent and utilities with a mobile bar code scanned at a 7-Eleven.  
  • CarryQuote is showing its Intellicast system to quickly publish investment research to mobile and tablet apps. Link
  • CarryQuote is launching a “conference feature” to connect with customers before, during, and after investment events. It also has real-time updates. 
  • FeeFighters is launching the Samurai payment gateway, the “simplest way to accept payments online.” Link
  • FeeFighters is demoing how to add its gateway to a webpage. It uses “intelligent routing” of payments to ensure the lowest cost. 
  • Wall Street Survivor is launching a new interface catering to investing beginners. It uses missions to educate the learning investors. Link
  • Wall Street Survivor is the “largest fantasy stock market online,” with 350,000 registered users. 
  • Wall Street Survivor is demoing a stock trading “mission” with virtual cash and points to reward users. It also includes Facebook integration.
  • miiCard is showing “Assured Identities” to serve as “drivers license/passport checks” for the online world. Link
  • miiCard is designed to reduce high levels of “financial cart” abandonment, showing how it can be integrated into a banking site.
  • DoughMain is launching a family financial management platform and three age-relevant financial game sites. Link
  • DoughMain is showing a financial homepage for pre-teens with a service that includes a prepaid card.  It also has a gift card purchase cart.
  • DoughMain is looking to offer versions for banks.
  • Bundle is using actual spending data to help “cut through the noise” of user-review sites like Yelp. Link
  • Bundle is demoing its advanced “search results filtering” to hone in on restaurants that attract repeat customers.
Day 2, Session 4

  • Transparency Labs is working on the transparency genome to decode and explain financial “fine print.” Link
  • Transparency Labs is demoing how it can break down the “fine print” and uncover fees and important conditions, showing it in a dashboard.
  • Transparency Labs also monitors existing agreements and sends alerts when the “fine print” changes.
  • ActivePath and Cardlytics are teaming up to deliver in-statement offers delivered directly to clients via email. Link
  • Cardlytics and ActivePath are showing “active mail” within Gmail. It includes an “offers” tab within the emailed bank E-Statement.
  • The Cool House of Financial Media is launching eyeOpen, a financial matching service that provides the best-fit in financial products. Link
  • The Cool House of Financial Media is demoing a consumer profiling session with eyeOpen, and recommends products based on what other people liked.
  • IN
    D Group is launching IND Innovation, a new online and mobile platform that includes a “bank feed.” Link
  • IND Group is demoing mobile P2P payment with a QR code. It supports “mobile first” banking. 
  • Offermatic is reinventing “daily deals” by making them relevant and easy to redeem through bank card linkage. Link
  • Offermatic is offering “guaranteed net new profitable customers.” It is demoing a dashboard of metrics for merchants with zero cost to the merchant. 
  • Offermatic is launching Dynamic Offers, the first system that pegs the value of a discount to the value of the customer. It also track repeat purchases. 
  • ReadyForZero is showing a new system with loan repayment automation and data sharing. Link
  • ReadyForZero found that its users pay down debt twice as fast as non-users; its designed to reduce credit losses for banks/card issuers. 
  • Bobber Interactive is launching its GoalCard app on Facebook. Link
  • Bobber Interactive’s social-game-based system is geared towards GenY; asks “who would you rather loan $50 to?” using Facebook tools.
  • Bobber Interactive “is helping Gen-Y win at money” ($200 billion market). 
  • That’s it– FinovateFall is a wrap…see you in the networking hall!