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FinovateEurope the Musical (Yes, Really)

With all the buzz from FinovateEurope last week, there’s plenty of post-show media to review in the form of articles, blogs, podcasts, and even videos.

However, there’s one piece that stands apart from the rest. Fintech Finance wrote and directed a song* about FinovateEurope 2016, and it’s unlike any coverage we’ve seen before. It’s worth checking out:

Fintech Finance managed to gather and record 47 fintech companies, including presenters, audience members, and analysts, to sing through the fintech melody. Here’s the chorus (sung to the tune of Renegades by X Ambassadors):

But I said wait/
This is great/
Legacy we shall update/

For those less musically inclined, watch Fintech Finance’s (non-musical) video summary (below) or check out the 62 individual company interviews.

*Fintech Finance discloses, “We do not own any copyright of the song – this is a parody based on the original amazing song “Renegades” by X Ambassadors. Original Song: Audio Provided by:”