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FinovateEurope Sneak Peek: Xpenditure


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Xpenditure is a leading expense-management solution that helps you save time managing your expenses. Xpenditure automates the complex expense-management flow. The company’s motto is: Xpenditure—Claim Back Your Time.


  • Reward colleagues who save the company money by spending less than defined
  • Integrate directly with several global financial institutions
  • Save time reclaiming VAT with our integrated solutions

Why it’s great
Xpenditure is driven by a passion to save users’ time when managing expenses. This informs all decisions it makes. As a result, the company’s approach is unlike others who seek to replicate offline process online.


Wim Derkinderen, CCO, Co-founder
Derkinderen is a co-founder, the CCO and the executive chairman of Xpenditure. Derkinderen has a passion for SaaS and technology; he is involved in multiple startups.

XpenditurePresenter2Koen Christiaens, Chief Product Officer
Christiaens is chief product officer at Xpenditure and defines the product strategy, ensuring constant innovation and improvement so Xpenditure continues to lead the expense-management market.