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FinovateEurope Sneak Peek: investUP


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investUP is making investing an everyday thing. Our users can lend money and buy shares across more than 24 crowdfunding and P2P sites.


  • clubUP: users can follow other investors
  • Super Slick Search: users can sift through hundreds of deals quickly
  • Robo-lending: automated lending for busy, everyday people

Why it’s great
investUP is focused on putting the crowd back into crowdfunding. We’ve created clubUP, a social investing platform for crowdfunding and P2P investors.InvestUpPresenter1


James Tuckett, CEO and co-founder
Entrepreneur, crowdfunding evangelical, tech geek and massive space enthusiast.

InvestUpPresenter2Dom Wolf, CMO and co-founder
Wide experience in brand development for telco giants. Obsessed with making investing brutally simple to understand.