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CapitaliseLogo takes the hassle out of funding searches. Using behavioral analytics, its online platform matches and ranks finance providers, making it easy for businesses to select the right lender.


Features of Capitalise:

  • Save time with lenders
  • Enjoy a faster approval and funding process
  • Ease cashflow and achieve growth

Why it’s great
Capitalise believes every SME should have access to finance. It empowers businesses to find, compare and select the right lender. Businesses using Capitalise are twice as likely to get funded.


Paul Surtees, Managing Director and Co-founder
With 15 years’ banking experience, Surtees served as executive director on the Goldman Sachs interest-rate trading floor. He started Capitalise to help SMEs gain easy access to lenders.



Ollie Maitland, Product Director and Co-founder
Maitland is a serial tech-startup product lead. He’s worked alongside VCs, technologists, service design experts and business minds to build market-leading digital products in start-ups to multi-nationals.