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FinovateEurope Sneak Peek: Asseco


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Asseco is the fastest growing of the top-10 software vendors in Europe, specializing in advanced software solutions for banks and other financial institutions.


  • Innovative mini-applications concept: flexibility and customization for a great user experience
  • Versatile and multidimensional omnichannel architecture
  • Single solution that runs on multiple devices

Why it’s great
Asseco Customer Banking Platform is a unique solution that integrates the functionality of internet and mobile banking based on an innovative mini-applications concept.AssecoPresenter1


Artur Wiza, Managing Director Corporate Communication
Wiza is an experienced sales and marketing executive with a strong track record within the banking and IT industry.

Tomasz Leś, Senior Product Manager
Leś serves as senior product manager of internet and mobile banking for retail and corporate customers. He has experience in designing and developing products for banks.

AssecoPresenter3Pola Wiza, student
Wiza is a student and heavy user of social and mobile apps.