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FinovateEurope Digital 2021 Sneak Peek: Strands

FinovateEurope Digital 2021 Sneak Peek: Strands

As experts in big data, AI, and machine learning since 2004, Strands creates highly-customizable digital money management software for top-tier financial institutions worldwide.


  • Offers financial control and wellbeing for retail banking customers
  • Helps users plan ahead and budget with all their accounts in one place
  • Provides visual insight about where every cent goes each month

Why it’s great
Strands’ PFM means smarter money management for the customer, improved bank-user engagement, and a greater share of wallet for the bank. Know how people spend, and then help them do it better.


Claudio Cungi, Head of Product
Cungi has six years of experience in management consulting. He joined the CRIF group in 2018 as a Product and Business Development Manager for open banking.