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FinovateAsia Sneak Peek:


FA2016-V1A look at the companies demoing live at FinovateAsia on 8 November 2016 in Hong Kong. Pick up your tickets today and save your spot. is an electronic communications operator providing registered and certified communications as the vehicle for easy, fast, secure evidence for any electronic document.


  • Reliable evidence for e-documents (contracts, notifications…) compatible with all kinds of esignatures
  • Easy-to-use, seamless integration
  • Digitally signed certificate provided in a durable medium

Why it’s great
The telecom operator, thanks to its seamless registered and certified communications service for any electronic document, provides digitally signed evidence of any communication and its contents.screen-shot-2016-10-17-at-8-45-35-pm


Manuel Gallo, Chief Operations Officer EMEA
Gallo studied engineering and computer science and holds an executive MBA from Babson College. He specializes in “Go-to-Market” strategies with telecomm operators and services.

Viviana Company, Business Executive EMEA & Customer Servicescreen-shot-2016-10-17-at-8-45-49-pm
Company has extended experience supporting sales efforts of consumer-oriented digital solutions. She has boosted growth of businesses in India, South Africa and Japan.