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FinovateAsia 2013 Sneak Peek: Part 3


Still just getting to know the companies that will be presenting at FinovateAsia 2013 in November? Here are another five fintech innovators scheduled to take the stage next month in Singapore.

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Our final event of 2013 is only a few weeks away. For more information about how to join us in Singapore, visit our FinovateAsia 2013 page here.


Arkalogic’s latest innovation, Moneta, enables customers to have a seamless and secure payment system that caters to their key daily transaction needs, in one platform.
  • Mobile payments and banking platform
  • Seamless and secure transaction experience
  • Comprehensive end-to-end solution for cashless transactions
Why its great:
Transactions and life should be simple and secure. Always. With Arkalogic’s latest innovation, Moneta, it’s as if carrying your ATM and wallet in your mobile device.
Aryo Karbhawomo
Visionary Entrepreneur, Founder and CEO, Arkalogic
PhD in Computer Science, University of California, Berkeley


John Subroto Chard (pictured)
Strategy & Finance Advisor, Arkalogic
MBA, New York University. Expertise in corporate development, start-ups and corporate strategy. Previously with McKinsey.


BRIDGEi2i Analytics Solutions‘ cloud-based application, Surveyi2i, enables business users to unearth hidden patterns and share holistic insights from survey data in just a few clicks.
  • Zero in to key insights in matter of hours
  • Single tool for analyzing both quantitative and unstructured textual inputs
  • Design, automate and share dashboards without a single line of script
Why it’s great:
It makes the process of analyzing survey data incredibly faster, easier and cheaper.


Prithvijit Roy
CEO and Co-founder, Bridgei2i
Known among the pioneers of the analytics industry in India, Prithvijit has experience building and leading large scale analytics centers for Hewlett-Packard and GENPACT.


Pritam Kanti Paul
Business Analytics Entrepreneur, Bridgei2i
Known as an innovative thinker, Pritam has led development and implementation of several high impact and cutting edge analytical solutions for Hewlett-Packard and General Electric.

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Luminous is the ultimate financial innovations company with visionary products that are breakthrough in sheer simplicity.
  • Electronic safety deposit box
  • Banking customers can upload, sort and store personal and business documents
  • Ability to back up and save the most recent version of important documents
Why it’s great:
Banking customers can upload, sort and store personal and business documents.

Warren Bond
CEO, Luminous


Andrew Teversham 
Chief Technology Officer, Luminous
Andrew heads up the development and implementation teams at Luminous and has gained extensive experience with SAP implementations over a number of years.


Matchi is a global community innovation platform for the banking industry that offers market ready innovations from across the globe.
  • Unprecedented collaboration opportunities for banks
  • Marketing platform for innovators to showcase their innovations to banks
  • A go-to-destination for market-ready, banking innovations online
Why it’s great:
An innovation matchmaking site for banks globally


Paul Steenkamp
Head of Innovation, First National Bank


Warren Bond
CEO, Matchi
Warren is constantly looking for new ideas and ways to drive innovation and change in the banking industry.


Gerrit Hoekstra
CTO, Matchi 


Mobino aims to enable mobile payments for 5 billion people. The company was founded by J.F. Groff, one of the creators of Web technology.
  • Total independence from credit cards and telcos
  • Local and international payments, in-shop, peer-to-peer and e-commerce
  • Universal access from smartphones and dumbphones
Why it’s great:
Banked or unbanked, online or offline, privately or for business, Mobino lets everybody move money simply and efficiently.


Jean-Francois Groff
CEO, Mobino
Jean-Francois was one of the architects of the Web firm CERN. Mobino, his fourth startup, is guided by a lifelong passion: making technology serve humanity, not vice versa.
Be sure to catch the fourth installment of our Sneak Peek preview of FinovateAsia 2013 next week.