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The Bancorp Bank to Issue Suze Orman’s New Prepaid Debit Card


Finovate sponsor, The Bancorp Bank, recently announced it will be issuing Suze Orman’s new prepaid debit card, The Approved Card:

“The Approved Card created by Suze Orman carries her name and a promise of excellent benefits and value with no hidden fees. The Approved Card offers a wide array of benefits for a prepaid card, such as identity theft protection, TransUnion credit scores, reports, monitoring, transparent and competitive fees, as well as money management tools.”

Orman sees the launch of this card as the single most important thing she’s done in her whole career and considers it to be the answer for consumers who are looking for a better way to bank.

To learn more about the card, check out Ron Lieber’s article in the New York Times.