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Finovate Forecasts: Our Experts Talk Fintech in 2019

Mirror, mirror, on the wall. What fintech future does 2019 have in store for us all?

We posed the question to a handful of fintech experts who will be driving the conversation at FinovateEurope in London, U.K., on February 12-14.

Here’s what they had to say about the themes and trends that will dominate fintech this year.

And remember there’s still time to save your spot and join us for what promises to be our most exciting FinovateEurope to date!

Aurélie L’Hostis, Senior Analyst, Forrester

AI is set to disrupt business models, change operating models, and reimagine customer experiences in financial services. But like all other new technologies like big data and cloud computing, AI still requires hard work. Financial services executives must prepare their organizations for change and take a strategic approach to AI.

Join Aurélie as she provides key insights into digital business strategy as part of our Analyst All-Stars Session on February 14 at FinovateEurope.

Giulio Montemagno, General Manager, Amazon Pay, Europe

Since the emergence of digital, commerce has been in a state of transformation, first with e-commerce and then with the rise of mobile came m-commerce.  We’ve gone from typing and touching to swiping and now to talking, each mode of interaction has gotten progressively easier for the consumer. What could be more simple or intuitive? More personal than a conversation?

With the rapid adoption of voice across multiple use cases and devices, commerce may well be the next frontier. It can make the complex simple—it’s the most natural and convenient user interface. Today, we are in the very early stages of the third era–voice commerce–a powerful medium that will transform our day-to-day lives and how we purchase. Central to emergence of voice is building connected experiences for customers so they can interact and transact where, when and how they want–their choice, and at their convenience.

Join Giulio as he discusses The evolution of the third era of commerce on February 14 at FinovateEurope.

Benoit Legrand, Chief Innovation Officer, ING

Our 2019 prediction would be that 2019 will be the year of hyper personalization where financial ecosystems parties (BigTechs, FinTechs, incumbents) will combine advanced AI techniques with the (new) access to personal banking data provided by PSD2 APIs and beyond.

2019 will also be the year where DLT initiatives will move from pilot to scaling in the more mature use cases (i.e trade finance).

Join Benoit as he presents our afternoon keynote Digital transformation – culture, collaboration, and competition on February 14 at FinovateEurope.

Juliette Souliman, Early Stage VC Investor, Octopus Ventures

I think payment control will be at the heart of 2019 fintech innovations. With non-cash transactions increasing at the highest growth rate in the last decade, it is crucial to ensure a strong level of control over those new cashless and seamless payment experiences.

Hence, Octopus Ventures will be closely monitoring the newest players in the cyber security and anti-fraud prevention sectors – from robotic process automation, advanced ML, to biometrics solutions.

Join Juliette as she discusses the finance and fintech trends that getting investment during our Lunchtime VC Panel on February 14 at FinovateEurope.

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