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Finovate Debuts: InvestUp Launches UK Crowdfunding Supermarket


InvestUp (known simply as Up) launched at FinovateEurope earlier this month. The UK-based startup offers investors a single place to search for, invest in, and track multiple investments across numerous crowdfunding sites.


    • 1,500 pre-registered users
    • Aggregates 13 crowdfunding sites
    • $525,000 seed capital raised
    • 8 employees


Up’s clean user interface offers many benefits to investors:

1) Provides a single place to access crowdfunding deals hosted on multiple sites

2) Saves time by minimizing paperwork. Investors have just one account and a single portfolio that aggregates all crowdfunding investments

3) Completely free


The screenshot below shows how the filtering capability (located at top) narrows results of available campaigns that fit the user’s specifications:


When the user selects a campaign they’re interested in, they see more details, and can add it to their Wishlist. To invest, they select Get Access:


The 13 crowdfunding sites aggregated on the Up platform benefit by free access to more investors. The startup generates revenue from financial services advertising.

What’s next?

Up currently offers business loans and will soon launch equity and personal lending options. Eventually, it plans to build an auto-invest feature, offering a “set it and forget it” approach that automatically invests users’ cash, according to their preferences.

Up debuted its crowdfunding supermarket at FinovateEurope. The live demo video will be available in the Finovate video archives later this week.