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Finovate Debuts: Bendigo and Adelaide’s Mobile Wallet Has a Charity Play


Australia’s Bendigo and Adelaide Bank (Bendigo) has long been known for its philanthropy. Its Community Bank branches, which enable local communities to own and operate a Bendigo Bank franchise, have contributed $125 million to local projects and charities. At FinovateEurope 2015, the Australia-based bank debuted redy, a mobile payments platform with a charitable element developed specifically for Bendigo by its subsidiary, Community Telco Australia.


  • Fifth-largest bank in Australia
  • Has almost 900 branches and agencies across Australia
  • $52 billion assets under management
  • $3 billion market cap

Redy positions itself as a community ecosystem more than a payment ecosystem. The local rewards system enables customers to earn creds (points) for every transaction on the redy platform. Creds add up to 0.5% of customers’ transactions, and can be donated to local charities or causes, or used in exchange for a discount toward a future purchase.

By offering customers an easy way to give to causes they care about, redy helps small businesses connect with customers.

For merchants

To begin using redy, Bendigo must first approve the merchant and set them up with a business account and a redy point-of-sale tablet.

Redy charges merchants a membership fee of $25 per month and a transaction fee of 1.5% of each purchase, 0.5% of which is returned to the customer to use as creds. The creds system offers businesses a way to encourage repeat spending and gives them an easy way to support local campaigns and charities.

RedyMerchant The Redy merchant terminal

Merchants also receive access to reports and analytics of transactions on the redy platform.

For customers

Customers download the free redy mobile app on their iOS or Android device, and link their Visa, MasterCard, or Bendigo savings account.

When ready to pay at a business that accepts redy, the customer enters their PIN, scans the QR code on the merchant’s tablet, and confirms the payment amount. The payment is secure and does not transfer the customers’ financial data to the merchant.

The redy system sends the customer a digital receipt. The creds the customer earns from the purchase are automatically credited to their account and ready to be donated or applied toward a repeat purchase.

RedyPaymentMethods Redy payment methods

For charities and local causes

Charities that register with Redy can tap into the pockets of Redy shoppers, who may opt to donate their creds to causes that matter to them and their community.

Here’s a sample of causes and charities registered on Redy:


Bendigo and Adelaide Bank debuted redy at FinovateEurope 2015 in London.