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FinDEVr Preview: Blend

FinDEVr PreviewsFinDEVrSV16-withdate highlight companies presenting new developer tools, platforms, and integrations at FinDEVr Silicon Valley 2016, October 18 & 19. Tickets are on sale now. Visit our registration page and save your spot today.

Eugene and Nivi will demonstrate Blend’s thoughtfully designed platform used today by lenders and borrowers alike to originate efficient, data-driven mortgages. They will highlight exactly how the technology streamlines the data-collection process, and show how Blend accelerates what has historically been a long, painful path in the mortgage process.

Why it’s a must-see

Modernizing a $10+ trillion industry that runs on paper and fax machines is no simple task. In this presentation, attendees will get a peek beneath the hood of Blend’s platform, learning how the company’s engineers employ everything from containers to computer vision to overhaul the mortgage process.

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