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FamZoo Helps Parents Teach Good Money Habits

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This morning, FamZoo demonstrated a co-branded version of its product that helps parents instill children with good financial habits: 
“FamZoo Partner Edition allows credit unions, banks, financial advisors, and other financial organizations to offer a co-branded version of the FamZoo Virtual Family Bank to their client families. Using FamZoo Partner Edition, organizations can:
      • Develop an ongoing relationship with next generation clients early on 
      • Provide a natural on-ramp to real world financial products 
      • Deliver innovative, hands-on youth financial education that is more effective than existing content and games.”
Product Launched: September 2011 
HQ Location: Palo Alto, CA 
Company Founded: August 2006 
Metrics: Private funding $900K, 2 employees, initial product launched January 2010, 1565 registered families, 8% trial-to-paid conversion rate, $425K of spending/giving transactions by kids tracked to date.
Presenting Bill Dwight (Founder & CEO)