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ETRONIKA Revolutionizes How Users Interact with their Online Bank

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Beginning the second session this morning, ETRONIKA showed how users can interact with their online bank in a new way:

“We often hear that we live in a world full of impossible. Trapped inside little boxes, filled with needless habits that aren’t necessary anymore. It doesn’t have to be that way. Technology has advanced so much, so when we can speak with our PCs, why do we bother to type? Yes, financial institutions and online banking solutions refer to a serious, unshakable, respectable realm, but we want to challenge this point of view by introducing a new UX approach to financial online services. ETRONIKA introduces a financial application that recognizes your face, congratulates you, analyzes your voice to identify you, and navigates you into online banking. You choose what is most convenient for you at that time: using your voice, motion-activated user interface, or keyboard – if you feel old-fashioned.”

Product Launched: 2Q, 2012

HQ Location: Vilnius, Lithuania
Company Founded: 2000
Metrics: 50 employees, self funded

Presenting Kestutis Gardziulis (CEO) & Jelena Kravcenko (Analyst)