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E*Trade Leverages Super Bowl Commercials with YouTube and Google Search Ads

Link to video on YouTube Even before the big game Sunday, E*Trade was showcasing its SuperBowl ads on YouTube. Six hours before kickoff this ad (inset) was displayed next to search results for "etrade," "banking" and other terms (note 1). The "trading baby" video had been watched just a few hundred times when I saw it yesterday; this morning, it has had more than 90,000 viewings.

The YouTube ad contains three links:

  1. Clicking on the arrow launches the funny "baby trading" video embedded on that page
  2. Clicking on the "Press to Watch" takes you to the E*Trade page on YouTube <> where you can watch a series of commercials (screenshot below)
  3. Clicking on "See all the E*Trade videos" takes you to this landing page at E*Trade's website (see screenshot below)

Later in the day on Sunday, E*Trade also added a link to the videos from its homepage (screenshot below).

The Commercials
E*Trade ran two ads within a few minutes of each other early in the second half. "Trading baby," shown above, uses an adult voiceover to discuss how easy it is to trade online. The second ad, "banking baby" (embedded below), showcases the company's high-yield savings account. This has to be the first, and probably last, time a savings account product received SuperBowl advertising exposure. It has 107,000 views in less than 24 hours.

Both ads ended on an upbeat note, saying that E*Trade was opening a thousand accounts per day, a great message against the backdrop of negative publicity the company received a few months ago with its subprime problems.


E*Trade Ad Next to YouTube Search Results (3 Feb 2007)

E*Trade ad on YouTube search results

E*Trade YouTube Landing Page <>

E*Trade's YouTube Page

E*Trade Advertising Landing Page <>

E*Trade landing page

E*Trade Homepage (4 Feb 2007)

E*Trade homepage

E*Trade Google Ad (4 Feb 2007)



  1. Searches conducted from Seattle IP address: YouTube Sunday, Feb. 3, 9AM Pacific, Google Monday Feb. 4 at 10 AM