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DoughMain Offers Age-Relevant Financial Education Games

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Next this afternoon, DoughMain demonstrated a platform to help families keep their lives organized and learn good financial habits:

“The free DoughMain platform consists of a family calendar that is integrated with a chore tracker and an allowance/rewards tool. Parents set up their own customized DoughMain that serves as a secure micro-network for the family. On top of its family coordination platform, DoughMain offers financial education via three age-relevant game sites and integrated real-world financial experiences including a bank account and a Visa reloadable card.”

Product Launched: August 2011 

HQ Location: Princeton, NJ 
Company Founded: May 2010 
Metrics: $5M raised from angel investors, 7 FTE & 9 contractors
Presenting David Reim (CMO) & Ken Damato (Chief Executive)