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Dashlane’s New Feature Secures Old and Forgotten Accounts

Dashlane’s goal is to help you remember your passwords. But that doesn’t work if you entirely forget about an account. That’s why the password manager platform launched Inbox Security Scan, a feature that helps clean up old and forgotten accounts.

Everyone has accounts they either set up and used once or one from a now-defunct website. Because users often reuse the same login credentials, these accounts pose a security risk, since older websites may not be protecting user accounts from new security threats.

Inbox Security Scan is available in the Dashlane mobile app on iOS and Android devices. The tool collects and analyzes all accounts users have created with their email address, and imports them into the user’s Dashlane account. The iOS app is currently limited to Gmail accounts, while the Android app supports,,, and any Microsoft email address.

Once users grant Dashlane one-time permission to access their inbox, Dashlane scans the emails locally on the device and, in a few seconds, generates a report that summarizes and analyzes the accounts it found. The report details compromised accounts, based on known data breaches, as well as different account types and the number that may exist in each category. When users import the scan results into their Dashlane account, they select which accounts they want to save in their Dashlane vault.

While Dashlane organizes the new accounts and email login information, it does not input the password for each account, so it is up to the user to remember that half of the equation. By aggregating old and potentially forgotten accounts, however, Dashlane offers the user more control over their digital identity. As the company explained in their blog, “Once you know how many accounts you have and where they are, you can increase your online security by giving each account a unique password—or taking steps to delete them completely.”

Dashlane, which was founded in 2009 and recently reached 10 million users, demoed its password manager and keyboard-less ecommerce transaction technology at FinovateEurope 2013. While the company is best known for its B2C technology that autogenerates secure passwords, it also offers a form auto-filling function and digital wallet that securely stores users’ credit card information for fast online purchases. Dashlane also offers solutions that help businesses seamlessly onboard staff with new accounts and has a partner program to allow brands to co-brand Dashlane’s identity manager as a service. Among the company’s partners are Visa, Intel, and yubico.