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Daon’s IdentityX Helps New Zealanders Create Digital Identities

Daon’s IdentityX Helps New Zealanders Create Digital Identities

RealMe Now, the new mobile app from the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs (DIA), is leveraging the IdentityX platform from Daon to enable customers to establish a verified identity online. This verified credential will make it easier for individuals to prove their identities when using government and private sector services.

Previously, RealMe credentials were available only by visiting a New Zealand PostShop and securing a facial image capture as part of the onboarding process. The new solution will allow individuals to start the process of securing credentials “anywhere and at any time” by taking a selfie photo which is captured by the RealMe Now app and compared to the user’s passport photo on file with the DIA. If the photo matches, the user is then directed to complete a facial liveness test. Once that is successfully completed, the application is sent to a human Department of Internal Affairs agent for final review before the customer is issued a RealMe verified identity.

“At Daon, we have developed and are now implementing a veritable shopping cart of face liveness with cutting-edge technology like machine learning and other mechanisms to assist our digital onboarding clients across five continents to address the evolving threat vectors,” Daon CEO Tom Grissen said. He praised the New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs’ commitment to providing a safe and secure digital onboarding experience for New Zealanders. “We continue to be very impressed by the agency’s market leadership and are honored to have been chosen to be its partner,” Grissen added.

Daon demonstrated its IdentityX platform at FinovateFall 2016. IdentityX is a universal mobile biometric authentication solution that leverages face, voice, fingerprint, and other biomarkers to provide identity verification. The platform combines biometrics with other techniques including geolocation, device binding, and liveness detection to provide a low-friction, multi-factor authentication experience.

The partnership with New Zealand’s DIA is the second big headline for Daon this summer. In June, the company teamed up with Tradelink to bring biometric authentication options to the customers of Hong Kong’s Dah Sing Bank. Daon began the year with a pair of partnerships, working with Digi-Sign to implement a FIDO biometric solution for a leading Hong Kong bank in February, and forging a strategic partnership with North African technology firm, GEMADEC in January.

Founded in 2002, Daon is headquartered in Reston, Virginia.