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CurrencyFair Launches QuickTrade Feature


This morning, CurrencyFair showed off its upgraded interface:

“CurrencyFair has completely upgraded its interface, further streamlining the process of peer-to-peer foreign exchange transfers. This includes a new QuickTrade feature, which quotes an ‘instant exchange rate’ for any given amount, calculated based on the weighted average of the best rates of all opposing customer orders combined with CurrencyFair’s own liquidity. This allows any amount, large or small, to be exchanged immediately at exchange rates close to, and in some cases even better than, the interbank rate.”

Product Launched: January 2012

HQ Location: Dublin, Ireland
Company Founded: April 2009
Metrics: €1.65 million raised, 6 employees, over €80 million exchanged to date

 Presenting Brett Meyers (Managing Director) & Jonathan Potter (Sales & Marketing Director)