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Chatbots.Studio Partners with Yozobi

Chatbot platform builder Chatbots.Studio announced this week it teamed up with Yozobi (pronounced YOU-zo-bee) to become the U.K.-based company’s technical partner and advisor.

In what Chatbots.Studio is calling a “mutually beneficial partnership,” Yozobi will leverage Chatbots.Studio’s engineering and technological expertise. In turn, Chatbots.Studio will tap Yozobi’s experience with business development and sales, as well as gain a fiduciary U.K. partner.

Headquartered in Ukraine, Chatbots.Studio helps businesses digitize client communications. Businesses can leverage the company’s commercial bot templates for a range of online messaging platforms, including Viber, Facebook Messenger, and WhatsApp.

Earlier this year, Chatbots.Studio unveiled a partnership with Visa in which Chatbots.Studio will leverage Visa’s payments rails to help SMBs increase their non-cash payments. Two successful projects have been launched in Kazakhstan and the platform is in beta-testing in Dnipro and Kyiv.

Chatbots.Studio will demo its latest technology at FinovateFall later this month in New York. Register today to see the demo live and meet with the company in person.