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Celebrating International Women’s Day at FinovateEurope

The midway point of FinovateEurope falls on a notable holiday– International Women’s Day. This combination makes it the perfect time to celebrate all of the women who have graced the Finovate stage over the past two days.

Out of our 68 demoing companies, 21 were represented by women presenters– that’s 31%. This figure is 35% higher than at FinovateEurope last year, when 23% of the presenting companies were represented by a woman on stage. And it’s 55% higher than at FinovateEurope 2016, when 20% of the companies featured a woman on stage; more than 2x higher than FinovateEurope 2015, where 15% of the companies had female speakers; and a huge leap from our first event in 2007 with zero (see note 1).

These numbers spell out definitive progress. And with this in mind let’s celebrate women in fintech today– and every day, recognize how far we’ve come, and make an effort to foster a more inclusive environment within our industry.

The companies appear in demo order:


Bernadett Nagy and Agnes Magyar



Lisa Ann Caringi



Diana Winstanley


Google & KBC Bank

Petrina Grady and Deniz Oran



Esther Kaufmann


Salt Edge

Lisa Terziman-Gutu



Yulia Clarke and Lina Perez



Janice Diner


Fintech OS

Paula Costea


Electronic IDentification

Patricia Diez Diez



Stephanie Feight


Exate Technology

Sonal Rattan


IBM Trusteer

Eileen Turner and Sarit Kozokin



Iwona Ziolkowska and Ewa Szerszen



Jo Howes and Eszter Vass



Inna Kaushan and Fatima Ayoub


Sensibill and NatWest

Wincie Wong


Smart Valley

Dr. Anna Elmirayeva


Partner HUB

Katalin Kauzli



Olga Feldmeier



Luisa Silva

Editor’s Note: While sadly it’s true that no women were on stage during the 20 demos of the first Finovate. One company, iPay Technologies, was founded by Dana Bowers, but she chose not to speak that day. And Finovate might not even exist if it wasn’t for Melanie Flanagan, then Marketing Manager at Yodlee (also co-founded by a woman), who was the first person to agree to demo. Finally, Susan Hawkins, then SVP at Metavante,was instrumental in getting both her company and Monitise on stage. So there you have it, woman called the shots for at least 20% of Finovate v1.0’s content, even if they ended up delegating the on-stage pitching to men. Thanks Melanie, Dana and Susan! — Jim Bruene, Founder