Union Credit Announces Collaboration with Your Money Further

Union Credit Announces Collaboration with Your Money Further
  • Credit union marketplace Union Credit has announced a collaboration with financial resource network Your Money Further.
  • The partnership will enable users of Your Money Further to access the Union Credit Marketplace of pre-approved financing offers.
  • Union Credit made its Finovate debut earlier this month at FinovateFall.

Fresh of its debut at FinovateFall in New York last week, marketplace for credit unions Union Credit has announced a collaboration with financial resource network Your Money Further.

“This collaboration with Your Money Further demonstrates our commitment to expanding our reach to communities and creating a level playing field for credit unions, while also empowering consumers to accomplish their financial goals,” Union Credit Chief Revenue Officer and co-founder Barry Kirby said.

A CU Awareness company, Your Money Further helps consumers find the credit union that best suits their needs. Courtesy of the firm’s collaboration with Union Credit, credit unions in Your Money Further’s network will be able to access the Union Credit Marketplace. This will give the more than 12 million consumers who visit Your Money Further every year access to financing options from nearly 300 credit unions that are now eligible to join.

“Union Credit’s marketplace … (provides) our users wth firm, pre-approved offers of credit,” CU Awareness Executive Director Chris Lorence said in a statement, “eliminating the hassle and guesswork that comes with applying for a loan and empowering consumers to take commands of their finances.” Lorence added that the rising interest rate environment was a challenge that was making consumers increasingly anxious about their financial decision-making.

Union Credit gives consumers access to one-click credit offers embedded in their daily activities. The company’s marketplace enables credit unions to enter new markets both at the front end of purchases as well as part of a financing experience. Additionally, the marketplace gives credit unions the opportunity to boost loan volume and brand-awareness. Your Money Further users will be able to compare and choose offers and rates for home purchasing, equity loans and personal loans, and refinancing, as well as new and used auto loans – all from local credit unions looking to serve new credit-worthy members.

“Your Money Further is dedicated to empowering consumers to make financial decisions with confidence,” Lorence said, “and we’re here to help them learn more about the unique benefits of joining a credit union.”

CU Awareness is a subsidiary of Credit Union National Association (CUNA). Recall that CUNA announced just last month that it would merge with the other major credit union organization in the U.S., the National Association of Federally-Insured Credit Unions (NAFCU).

Headquartered in Santa Rosa, California and founded in 2022, Union Credit demoed its Always Approved Marketplace at FinovateFall 2023 this month. The startup has more than 130 million consumers in its publisher network and approved loan offers can be activated within 90 seconds. There is no cost to credit unions for participating in Union Credit’s marketplace. Co-founder Dave Buerger is Union Credit’s CEO.

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Union Credit is the first marketplace for credit unions to deliver firm credit approval and one-click loan activation to new members embedded within their daily activities.


  • Helping credit unions promote their products to millions of credit-worthy consumers
  • Giving consumers convenient, transparent financing
  • Providing publishers/merchants with a new revenue source

Why it’s great

Union Credit will change the game for credit unions, helping them serve locally while also reaching into new markets with easy, one-click consumer lending.


Barry Kirby, Co-Founder & CRO
Prior to Union Credit, Kirby was the SVP and Managing Director of CuneXus. He has an extensive background in fintech and the credit union space.

Stefan Ionescu, Engineering Lead
Ionescu is the engineering lead at Union Credit, driving the development of the company’s flagship product. Before that, he led the development of the innovative DecisionLender4 loan origination system at TCI.