FinovateFall 2011 in the Press

Here’s a look at press coverage of FinovateFall last week:

ABA Banking Journal
How Mobile Banking is Different from Online Banking
All Business
Finovate 2011: New Online Financial Services for Your Business

All Things D
Here’s a Facebook App That’s Basically a Bank 
by Tricia Duryee


American Banker
Turning Fraud Complaints into Fraud Alerts
by Daniel Wolfe
Helping Banks Get Data from Consumers Who Don’t Want to Share
by Daniel Wolfe
Bank Innovation 
4 “Finovate” Themes
by Mary Wisniewski
FinovateFall 2011: Demo Performance Scores and Reviews
by Mary Wisniewski
Getting a Financial “Grip”
by Mary Wisniewski 
Strange (and funny) Moments from Finovate 
by Mary Wisniewski 
Bank Systems & Technology
FinovateFall 2011 Recap, Day One
by Olivia LaBarre
Day Two Recap of FinovateFall 2011
by Bryan Yurcan
Bank Technology News
Personal Capital Builds Self-Service Financial Portal for Mass Affluent
By John Adams
Start-Ups Direct PFM at Niche Customer Segments
by Jeremy Quittner

Startup Financial Portals Target Niche Markets
by Jeremy Quittner

Text Too Risky? A Bank Works to Improve Security for Mobile Authentication
by Daniel Wolfe

Using Payments to Teach an Old Business Model New Tricks
by Jeremy Quittner

Innovations in Mobile at Finovate
by Bart Narter


Consumer Reports
FinovateFall: Products for investors and the “unbanked”
by Tobie Stanger
Finovate Fall focus: Products to reduce consumer fraud
by Tobie Stanger
Finovate wrap-up: Mobile, incentives & seals of approval
by Tobie Stanger
Google showcases new channel to shop for bank products
by Tobie Stanger
Crain’s New York
Reinvented by technology: Financial services
by Judith Messina
Startups to Guide Your Financial Future 
by Christopher Maag
Paying Cash? Service Will Let You Pay Rent at 7-11
by Christopher Maag
Credit Karma Blog
Favorites from FinovateFall 2011
by Danielle Belfatto

CreditUnionTimes Logo.jpgCredit Union Times

T8 Webware Offers Mobile Aggregator
by Marc Rapport
Picking Favorites in the Fall Finovate 2011
by Akbarul

Thumbnail image for Filene Logo.jpg

Filene Research Institute 
Filene Takes on FinovateFall 
by Trish Shermont
Financial Planning
Personal Capital Launches ‘Wealth Management for the Internet Age’
by Kenneth Corbin
Financial Tech Spotlight 
Credit Sesame Launches Credit Badge Program
eToro’s CopyMe Helps Traders Build Own Investment Business
by Carolyn J Dawson

Thumbnail image for Forbes Logo.jpg

Is Financial Innovation an Oxymoron?
by Arjan Schütte
Personal Capital is more than Mint for rich people
by Tom Anderson
Picking Favorites at FinovateFall 2011
by Tom Anderson


4 Start-ups Help Entrepreneurs Get Cash
by Courtney Rubin
miiCard blog
Reflections on FinovateFall 2011
by James Varga

Main St
Transparency Labs Tells You What’s Really in the Fine Print
by Seth Fiegerman
Minneapolis Star Tribune Lifestyle Blog
Finovate: What’s new in personal finance
by Kara McGuire
Banking of Tomorrow, Happening Today
BankSimple Teases at FinovateFall 2011
by Marina Shifrin
BillGuard: Fraud Security on Your Online Bank Statements
by Simon Zhen
Bundle: Cutting Through Your Social Web of Lies
by Willy Staley
CashStar: Redeeming Credit Card Points On-The-Go
by Simon Zhen
FinovateFall 2011: A Crowded Space For Merchant-Funded Rewards, PFM Tools
by Simon Zhen
Hire Someone Else To Read The Boring Fine Print
by Simon Zhen
MyBankTracker Drops By FinovateFall 2011
by Marina Shifrin
TandemMoney: An Emergency Fund for the Unbanked, Underbanked
by Simon Zhen
Why You Should Know About Segmint
by Marina Shifrin
New York Daily News
Financial planning tools like online planning, spending rewards, financial literacy programs pay off
by Jean Chatzky
Innovators in Banking: Findings at FinovateFall 2011
by Michael McEvoy

payments views.jpg

Live Blogging from FinovateFall
by Bryan Derman
planwise Blog
Finovate Round Up – Planwise
by Vincent Turner

FinovateFall Recap: Are These Innovations “What’s Next” in Payments?
Are you broke? Will Plastyc help you to Save More?
Silicon Bayou News 
NOLA Start-Up Rebirth Financial Presents At FinovateFall
by Molly Oehmichen


Silicon Prairie News
New T8 Webware app aims to help consumers get a ‘Grip’ on finances
by Michael Stacy
The Consumerist
The Four Most Interesting Finance Sites at Finovate
by Ben Popken
Cartera and TransFirst Join Forces to Accelerate Local Business Adoption of Card-Linked Offers
Finovate Fall 2011 New York, NY Day One
by William Mills III

TandemMoney Helps Consumers Save For A Rainy Day By Borrowing From Themselves


To begin the second morning session, TandemMoney demonstrated a product that helps users save money through an automatic withdraw process, then borrow it from themselves on a rainy day:

“It is both a consumer line of credit and a savings account that integrate to form a single, evolving source of “rainy day” liquidity. The product conditions borrowing upon the accumulation of savings as consumers must agree to have $20 automatically deposited into savings each month. Advances are made from accumulated savings, at no cost, with credit made available early on to cover any savings shortfalls. When advances are repaid, payments are made to the line of credit AND the savings account – as though the consumer was borrowing and repaying herself. As the savings balance grows with each $20 monthly deposit, the mix of funds available for financial emergencies steadily shifts more to savings until consumers ultimately reach the point of using (and replenishing) their own savings to meet their short-term cash needs.”

Product Launched: September 2011

HQ Location: Sioux Falls, SD
Company Founded: March 2010
Presenting Trent Sorbe (President) & Nicole Pullman (Director of Marketing)