Bank of America App Shown in Sprint Android Microsite

image Once again, the first mover gets the attention. Bank of America, long a fixture in Apple iPhone advertising, now figures prominently in Sprint’s marketing for the Google’s Android marketplace.

In a whirling dervish of apps on the Sprint microsite, Bank of America’s mobile banking app appears in the second set of four apps displayed (see screenshot below). 

Spring microsite featuring BofA app (link, 21 Oct 2009)


Android market has BofA mobile banking on the second page of top free apps (link)


Note: For more info on mobile banking via apps, see our Online Banking Report: Mobile Banking via iPhone (March 2009)

Banking Apps in the Google Android Market vs. Apple iPhone App Store

image A few weeks ago, we noted a milestone at Apple’s iPhone App Store, 1000 apps available in the finance category (U.S. store). I was been curious how that compared to Google’s Android Market so today I did a quick comparison.

The Android market now has a respectable 211 apps in the finance category. However, few financial institutions have staked a claim. Only, Bank of America and Alliant Credit Union, had branded apps (see note 1, 2).

In comparison, the iTunes App Store has 11 U.S. banking apps and 3 from U.S. credit unions. That’s up from 6 banks and no credit unions when we published our most recent report on the subject (see note 3).  See the the following table for details. Did I miss any? Let me know in comments or email

  Google Android (Rank) Apple App Store (Rank)
Number of finance apps 211 1,089
Number of U.S. bank-branded apps (note 1)

(number shown is rank in the finance category)

#2 Bank of America #1 Bank of America
#3 Chase
#4 Wells Fargo
#10 E*Trade
#13 Citibank
#28 & 32 PNC Bank
#43 BBVA Compass
#156 IBC
#409 1st Mariner Bank ATM/Branch locator
#962 Plaza Bank Mtg Calc
Number of CU-branded apps #30 Alliant CU — ATM Locator #185 Tech CU
#327 CUloc8 (TDECU)
#411 iDeposit (WV United FCU)

Source: Online Banking Report tally, 24 Aug 2009

1. In addition, Qualcomm’s Firethorn unit has an app that works with several dozen banks and card issuers including Citi, Chase, Wachovia, SunTrust and USAA. It’s ranked tenth in the Android Market and 15th in the iPhone App Store. Also, in the Android Market, Visa has a beta app that works with Chase cards ranked #77. However, according to commenters, that test is ending in September.
2. There are another 15-20 international banks listed in the iPhone App Store.
3. Our Online Banking Report on iPhone Mobile Banking was published March 11, 2009.

New Online Banking Report Published: Mobile 2.0 — iPhone Edition

image This is a report I’ve been meaning to write for a few months, but it kept getting pushed back for more pressing (Growing Deposits in the Digital Age) or timely (Year-end Wrap and Forecast) reports.

But a few days ago, we put the finishing touches on the latest Online Banking Report. It will be mailed to subscribers by the end of this week. It’s also available online here. There’s no charge for current subscribers; others may access it immediately for US$495.


Mobile Banking 2.0: iPhone Edition
How to build a smartphone app even
your CFO will love

In the report (press release), we outline the reasons why every financial institution should consider an iPhone app, even if it’s just a simple surcharge-free-ATM/branch finder like 1st Mariner Bank (iTunes link; see note 1) or a one-screen interface to your mobile website, essentially what Bank of America started with last year. Being on the iPhone is like having a website in 1995. Just by being there, even if it’s crappy, you are ahead of the curve. And for the rest of time, you can brag that you were an early adopter of all things mobile.

And the icing on the cake, you get to slap Apple iPhone pictures all over your website. Baltimore, MD-based 1st Mariner, a bank that doesn’t appear to even support basic mobile banking (note 2) has the most iPhone-ish website in the land (see screenshots below).

The report also looks at:

  • Mobile banking application market (Apple’s App Store, RIM’s Blackberry App World, and Google’s Android Market)
  • Mobile banking forecast (U.S.)
  • 33 features to consider for your mobile banking app
  • Leveraging iPhone hype to increase interest in financial products and services
  • Legal issues in mobile banking from our guest columnists at Chambliss, Bahner & Stophel

1st Mariner Bank homepage (16 March 2009)
Note: Nice job with the St. Patty’s day theme too!


1st Mariner iPhone landing page (16 March 2009)


1. The 1st Mariner app, built by PointAbout, identifies the nearest of 16,000 surcharge-free MoneyPass ATMs. It also features other integrated apps for local weather, lowest gasoline prices, accident alerts, traffic (powered by MapQuest), grocery stores, and Zagat restaurant listings (but not reviews or ratings).
2. Ironically, if you navigate to the bank’s website on your iPhone, you cannot even see its iPhone homepage graphic (shown above) because the graphic is Flash-based which is not supported by the iPhone’s Safari browser

Google’s G1/Android Phone Launches Today; Bank of America Mobile Banking is First Finance App

Bank of America Google Android G1 menu with mobile banking app loaded (22 Oct 2008) A few hours ago, I talked to a friend who’d just purchased the T-Mobile G1 phone this morning in Atlanta. He was pleased with it so far and said he was impressed to see Bank of America available on day one through Googles Android Market.

Apparently, BofA was the only app in the Finance section this morning (see inset). However, that will change rapidly as the store opens to other developers next week. Thanks to Alan Martin for the screenshots.

The bank’s Android app looks like the other mobile versions. It includes online banking access and an ATM/branch locator that uses built-in, location-based services (see pictures below).

I also read several blog reports of successful downloads  of the BofA app. However, when visiting the Android market website, the BofA app is not shown amongst the 40-some programs currently available. Apparently, the public market website is different than the app market accessible through the phone. I guess I’ll have to hit the T-Mobile store tomorrow to see for myself.

Congratulations to BofA for again beating its U.S. competitors in mobile deployment. It now has a three-peat in recent smartphone application launches:

For more info on the market, see our Online Banking Report on Mobile Banking.

Bank of America Google Android App main menu (22 Oct 2008) Bank of America Google Android App online banking signin (22 Oct 2008)

Bank of America Google Android App branch locator (22 Oct 2008) image Bank of America Google Android G! App bank branch map (22 Oct 2008) Bank of America Google Android G1 App more info (22 Oct 2008)

Bank of America Google Android App bank services (22 Oct 2008)