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Business Centric Services Group Launches CreditHQ


Afterward, Business Centric Services Group launched a one-stop shop for small businesses to access customer risk data:

“CreditHQ provides small businesses with unlimited access to a database of customers, outlining their risk profile and payment performance in a simple and easy-to-use format. The platform allows small businesses to develop monitoring plans for each customer/supplier, which sends e-mail alerts directly to the business owner when there is a material change in the credit/risk profile. The platform also allows businesses to create best practice credit terms letters to issue to customers to ensure all parties understand their relationship at the outset of any relationship. 

Should there be any delays in payments from customers, the platform allows the user to create a 10-day final demand letter free of charge, which will be issued directly to the customer. Should this not deliver payment, then the user can issue debt instructions directly through the platform to be collected for a market leading 20% no win, no fee payment by one of the leading business to business debt collectors in the market.”

Product Launched: February 2012

HQ Location: London, UK
Company Founded: April 2008
Metrics: 63 employees,135,000 small business customers

Presenting John Davis (Managing Director) & Alan Marsh (Product & Marketing Director)