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Bobber Interactive’s GoalCard Encourages Savings with a Social Twist

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This afternoon, Bobber Interactive demonstrated GoalCard, a financial tool for Generation Y:

“A cash management tool that simplifies daily spending, provides real-time budgeting, and incentivizes goal achievement. Cardholders engage in a highly interactive debit loyalty and cash-back rewards program grounded in their personal savings goals. GoalCard’s engagement engine and accelerated feedback loops drive a dynamic relationship across cardholder “save-spend” transaction activity. GoalCard is integrated within Facebook to amplify the social and viral user experience, publicly vesting cardholders in their own success. GoalCard’s platform deliberately reinforces behavior critical to a sustainable card program (viral acquisition, time to initial load, direct deposit, spending mix, dormancy response time, fraud profiling).”

Product Launched: September 2011 
HQ Location: Seattle, WA 
Company Founded: March 2010 
Metrics: $1M raised to date, 5 employees
Presenting Eric Eastman (CEO) & Nathan Affolter (Senior Software Developer)