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BizEquity Takes on the Business Valuation Market

This post is part of our live coverage of FinovateFall 2013.


Next, BizEquity demonstrated how it helps businesses discover, manage, and optimize their value:
“There are more than 28M business owners in the US – 75% don’t know what they are worth and 50% are under-insured. The market for business valuation is a $2.8B dollar market, with 99.7% being conducted offline at $8,000 per report and taking up to 6 weeks.  
BizEquity has revolutionized the market by putting it online helping to enable more businesses to discover-manage-and optimize their value. BizEquity helps every financial institution help business owners better understand their value and what they can do to better protect themselves.”
Product Launch: July 2012
Metrics: With more than 50,000 users & over 12 private label channel partners to date, 60 patents & inventions filed, 2 patents granted already, & over 3 years of technology development & $7M invested into building the system, BizEquity has become the first & leading cloud-based business valuation service.
Product distribution strategy: Direct to Businesses online at and indirect via the channel and private label agreements with leading financial and data institutions.
HQ: Wayne, Pennsylvania
Founded: May 2010
Product Demoed: BizEquity Valuation Engine and VaaS™ Cloud Service
Presenting Michael Carter (CEO) and Semyon Fishman (VP Product Engineering)


The full demo video will be available at in mid-September.